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The Firm provides legal assistance in connection with patents, industrial models and designs, trademarks and commercial names and any other related legal matter.

We provide advising services over their registration. This process begins by searching similar trade marks that may cause confusion, after that, the determination of services or goods that the intended trade mark will protect, the application process before the Mexican Institute of the Industrial Property (IMPI) and the follow up on the application. Once the trade mark is registered, the Firm will be in charge of its validity and renovation.


We carry out the preparation, filing and maintenance of copyrights for computer software programs, scientific books, technical works, didactic and educational works, music tunes, photographic and arquitectural works, audiovisual programs, radio and television, as well as lithographic, pictoric and design works, including the negotiation of licenses for the use of these copyrights.

Due diligence for trademarks, patents and copyrights

This service is provided in order to inform our clients the status kept by their trade marks, with the purpose of determine if they comply with the Mexican law requirements, such as:

Through the support of our strategic alliances, this Firm provides in the field of patents, industrial models and designs, industrial secrets and Patent Cooperative Treaty (PCT) applications, the service of Technical Analysis in order to determine and inform our client if the invention its suitable of protection by a patent, the filling of the application form, as well as the exam to comply with the legal and technical requirements.


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